Vacation cabin

We build vacation cabins in Thailand. A house you can buy and own 100% in your name, a house you can afford. Placed upon piles makes it movable. European standard and quality. A place to relax and enjoy the fantastic weather in Thailand. The house is located inside a tropical nature resort and very close to the fantastic city of Pattaya.

Our standard cabin measures 6 x 3.5 meter. That is maximum that can be transported easily on Thai roads. It is possible to build 2 units that will be merged together (42 sqm plus veranda) that can be separated when moved.  The size of the house depends on available sizes in our resort.

We offer three alternatives

Budget – the cheapest alternative
Standard – good standard
Premium – top standard

European standard with well designed interior is good for 2-3 persons. The perfect place to relax and for vacation. Calculate how much you need to pay for a hotel room every time you visit Thailand and you will realise that this alternative actually becomes a good investment. We will also be able to rent out your cabin when it is available to generate some income.

We also offer several services like gardening, cleaning, periodic service and so on.


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